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KAFD Talents

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Posted 2024/02/06 14:21:19 Expires 2024-05-30 Ref: JB1100044638

Job Description

KAFD Talents Description:

KAFD Talents is a comprehensive pre-hiring assessment approach to evaluating applicants who are interested in joining KAFD before making final hiring decisions. It combines different assessment methods, designed to assess various aspects of the applicants’ skills, abilities and personalities. The program aims to give applicants a competitive advantage by being ready-to-hire according to the availability of matching job opportunities within KAFD.

KAFD Talents Partners:

KAFD has partnered with SHL, a global provider of talent assessment solutions, specialized in psychometric assessments and talent measurement tools, that are widely used by leading organizations to evaluate the applicant’s abilities, skills, and potential for success in a variety of roles, to ensure the fair and objective evaluation of all applicants across the full range of career levels and in various areas of expertise.

Applicants Journey:

The KAFD Talents journey will include:

  1. Online testing.
  2. A competency-based interview.
  3. A business-related interview.
  4. Role play simulation.
  5. Hiring (depends on the available opportunities).

 Eligible Applicants:

  1. Applicants should have 2 - 8 years of prior work experience.
  2. Professionals in the required fields (Finance, Audit, Marketing, Legal, Information Technology, Cybersecurity, Governance, Risk, and Compliance, Strategy, Engineering, Human Resources, etc.).
  3. Fluency in both English and Arabic.
  4. Willingness to relocate to Riyadh if selected.


  • Industry knowledge.
  • Technical proficiency. 
  • Leadership and management.
  • Networking and relationship building.

Job Details

Job Location Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Job Role Other
Number of Vacancies 20

Preferred Candidate

Career Level Professional

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